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This wiki so far chronicles the D&D 5th edition adventure Hoard of the Dragon Queen (as part of the Tyranny of Dragons storyline).

Character Creation:
Playable Races

Regional Information:
These adventures have thus far taken place on the Sword Coast, in western Faerûn. Major places of interest, in reverse order of the latest group of adventurers have visited them, include:
Elturel, Greenest

Regional History
Map of the Sword Coast Region
Map of Faerûn

Important People:
Player Characters

Cult of the Dragon Members
Wyrmspeaker Rezmir
Frulam Mondath
Langedrosa Cyanwrath

Other Allies
Governor Tarbaw Nighthill
Eskobert the Red
Leosin Erlanthar

The Cult of the Dragon
[[The Lords’ Alliance]]
The Emerald Enclave
The Order of the Gauntlet
The Harpers
The Zhentarim

Adventure Log
Calendar of Faerûn

The Gods
Death and Patron Deities
List of Pantheons
The Weave of Magic
Schools of Magic

D&D 5th Edition Basic Rules
[[D&D 5th Edition Character Sheets]]
[[Baldur’s Gate Primer]]
A Guide to Lifestyle Expenses and Downtime Activities
A Guide to the Deities

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